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4 Ways the Internet of Things Will Help You, Your Business and Your Customers

4 Ways the Internet of Things Will Help You, Your Business and Your Customers

The Internet of Things helps your business.  So, what exactly does that mean?  Mobile isn’t just about connecting people. It’s about connecting things and perhaps one day ALL things. The concept has a name: “The Internet of Things”. It is a development of the internet in which everyday objects are capable of “talking” to each other through network connectivity and constant data transfer.

The Internet of Things

This doesn't necessarily mean your refrigerator gets a Twitter account, or your dishwasher can log in to your Facebook account to tell friends you're cleaning dishes. The IoT is bigger, much bigger.

Here are a few everyday examples of the Internet of Things on a consumer level:

  • A smart door that delays locking for 30 seconds to allow you to enter and grab the keys you just left.
  • An internal heart monitor implanted in your arm that is powered by your body's own thermal energy. It monitors your heart rhythm and detects the smallest arrhythmias. It will even send a text alert when it detects alarming changes.
  • A smoke alarm that sends a message to motion detectors throughout your house. If no movement is detected, it sends a signal back to the smoke detector which then sends a signal to the local fire department.
  • An app that uses color and motion to attract shoppers to certain products in a grocery store. The LED lighting system is a revolutionary concept changing the way you shop and how stores sell. View the video demo:

Hussmann Video

Yes, the Internet of Things is a hot new area that's changing business.  As most business owners have at least heard or read about the Internet of Things, many of these decision makers miss the big question: HOW? How can the Internet of Things help you, your practice, and most importantly your customers?

The Internet of Things Helps Your Business

1. Competition – Do you want a jump start on your competition? Businesses are already taking advantage of the IoT by connecting devices whose data help form insights that lead to better decision making. Maybe it is real-time troubleshooting of remote devices or enabling an irrigation system to provide just the right amount of water for the conditions at that moment – the possibilities are limitless.

2. Assets – Want to get more from existing assets? We all know that replacing devices is costly, but what if you didn’t have to go through the refresh? Make simple additions to your current equipment. These connections allow them to talk to each other, your employees and your customers. The insights from this data collection can help you determine what your employees and customers want and need before it’s too late to make adjustments.

3. Returns – Would you like larger returns on smaller changes? Things often start small and the IoT is no exception. Connecting devices in a factory could help you cut seconds off of a process that leads to thousands of hours reclaimed. Adding heat sensors to connected devices could help you monitor and better maintain your equipment saving you from costly outages. The IoT doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You can see big returns from small changes.

4.  Agility – Want to increase your agility? IoT is all about connecting devices to gather and analyze data and make better business decisions. It’s no surprise then that these insights would help you respond more quickly across the board. Whether it be customer demand, changes to your supply chain, maintenance schedule, or sourcing materials, the IoT can help you make informed decisions, in the now, without the wondering.

The IoT is happening as we speak. Agility and business intelligence is increasing.  All around the world more and more devices are being connected.  Looking to transform your business?  The IoT might just be your starting point.

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