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7 Breathtaking Examples of Amazing Data Visualization

7 Breathtaking Examples of Amazing Data Visualization

Data visualization communicates complex data in a way that is easy to understand so insights can be gleaned quickly. In looking at a slew of numbers and stats, it is not always easy to walk away with meaningful insights. Data visualization solves this problem by displaying abstract information in a way that allows the brain to quickly extract meaning. A successful data visualization conveys meaning in a clear and compelling way, sometimes in just seconds.

How should you visualize your data in a way that is both thorough and digestible?

Get inspired by the following 7 examples:

Data Visualization Example #1:

This pyramid from The Next America makes great use of animation to demonstrate how age demographics have shifted over time. Line charts are usually the 'go-to' option for showing change over time in a single view, but with so many variables in this example, there would be too many lines for the brain to process.

data viz example 1

Data Visualization Example #2:

This interactive visualization of North American wind patterns contains quite a bit of data. But, it organizes the information in a way that allows the individual parts to be easily processed. Hovering your mouse over the map tells you the wind speed of a particular region. This example of data visualization turns an extraordinary amount of information into a useful, and maybe even life-saving chart.

data viz example 2

Data Visualization Example #3:

As it turns out, great minds do not think alike. The daily routines of famous people are as diverse as they are interesting. This example of data visualization showcases reams of data into a single page and uses colors to easily distinguish trends. This chart exposes greater detail as you click into the individual cells, allowing readers to explore the content at their own pace.

data viz example 3

Data Visualization Example #4:

Trending topics come and go. In this example of amazing data visualization, Echelon Insights illustrates the most talked-about news stories on Twitter in 2014. Using data from 184.5 million tweets, this spin-art-looking chart is proof that no set of data is too large for amazing data visualization.

data viz example 4

Data Visualization Example #5:

In this map, Eric Fischer charted public conversations between people on Twitter for five months in 2011, showing how the service connects distant places. A single reply appears as an arc. The more frequently people in different geographies communicate with one another, the brighter those arcs appear.

data viz example 5

Data Visualization Example #6:

This interactive chart, published by CNN, allows readers to visually trace the diversity of their generations. The colored peaks and valleys quickly group each ethnicity and show the diversity trends over time. This report needs almost no words at all because the data is showcased so succinctly.

data viz example 6

Data Visualization Example #7:

The colors and sizes of the bubbles on this chart quickly convey the scale of the world's biggest data breaches. A filter is available on the righthand side of the original chart that allows readers to toggle by the industry as well as by type of breach. These powerful findings make for an equally powerful graphics presentation.
data viz example 7


It is said that the best way to predict the future is by analyzing the past. For business, that means the importance of data analytics cannot be overstated. Oakwood helps businesses make sense of unstructured data and helps you make better decisions, reducing costs and identifying new opportunities for growth. Check in with us on LinkedIn to learn more.

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