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Application Testing with Visual Studio Enterprise

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Although Visual Studio’s Testing Platform can assist developers in achieving their goal of deploying high-quality products, we’ve found there are often overlooked critical tests that can impact the success of a product release.

Oakwood’s goal is to deliver a comprehensive automated testing solution so as to enhance the quality of your applications while reducing costs, maximizing ROI, and saving development time.

System Testing

We will test the design of the package and also the behaviors and the believed expectations of the user(s) going beyond the bounds defined in the software requirements specifications.

Performance Testing

Oakwood will work with your development team to determine how your systems will perform, in terms of responsiveness and stability, under a particular workload. The goal of this process is to build performance standards into the implementation, design and architecture of the system. Various tests may include Load, Stress, Breakpoint, Configuration and others as necessary.

Usability / UI Testing

We will help facilitate usability labs aimed at optimizing UI designs, work flows and understanding the voice of the user(s). During these sessions designers, stakeholders and others involved will be observing how users interact with the current software package.

Through this process, developers are able to identify issues with the product. To address any perceived usability challenges, we’ll pay close attention to:

•             Are users able to complete specified tasks successfully?

•             How long it takes to complete specified tasks?

•             How satisfied participants are with the package being tested?

•             Changes required to improve user performance and satisfaction.

•             The overall performance to ensure it meets your usability objectives.

Acceptance Testing

During this more ‘formal’ testing process, Oakwood will work with you and your users to ensure the package meets the user(s) needs, requirements and business processes and determine whether the package satisfies the acceptance criteria.

Release / Regression Testing

Often times when a piece of software is updated or changed, emergence of new faults and/or re-emergence of old faults is quite common. Traditionally regression testing has been performed by a software quality assurance team after the development group has completed their work. However, defects found at this stage are typically the most costly to fix. Oakwood will work with your development group to ensure unit testing is being done properly and thoroughly to not only test intended outcomes but those unintended outcomes as well.

Destructive Testing

If your package were to fail – it’s best that it fails in a controlled environment prior to being pushed to production. Oakwood will put your software through rigorous tests to help establish range limits within which the software will operate in a stable and reliable manner.

System Integration Testing

We will conduct an overall testing of your complete systems and subsystem components. This may consist of hardware or software or hardware with embedded software. These tests will help verify that entire system meets requirements by validating the system performs in accordance with user expectations.

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