Azure Development Team Training

Azure Development Team Training

It’s amazing to us the number of customers over the years who told us they couldn’t dare become an Azure Development Team. They are web or mobile developers.  They could not justify investing the time it takes to retrain their developers to build solutions for the Azure platform.  What’s going on here?

Becoming Azure

We are not the fastest developers in the world.  However, we’ve learned over and over again how to deploy a solution to Azure.  As a result, anyone can.

Over the years we have tested this assumption by training many developers. The time commitment was minimal, and so was the actual usage of the new skills.

However, a few customers provided us the ability to truly make Azure a common skill across our development team. This new opportunity provided Oakwood with some very interesting data points. Each of which suggests the same thing: Azure is a pretty easy shift for any development team, both large & small.

The Metrics

Team One Example

25 person team – Total investment: 10.25 hours – Average investment per the developer: 15 minutes – Average investment per architect: 1 hour & 15 minutes.

  • Deployment: 5 initial developers. 1 dev on the team was trained on deployment to Azure.  Took 20 minutes, most of which was spent waiting on deployments so he could see each step. He then trained each new staff members in less than 10 minutes.
  • State, security, & configuration: We hosted one additional architecture session with the senior development team on managing state, integrating with authentication providers, and configuration changes during multi-stage deployments. Total time: 1 hour x 4 team members = 4 hours.
Team Two Example

5 person project – Total investment 3.5 hours – Average investment per the developer: 30 minutes – Average investment per architect: 1 hour & 15 minutes.

  • Following a similar process to the larger team, we were able to share the same kind of training with a significantly smaller team, with similar volumes of investment.

Azure Development Team | Conclusion

If we can learn Azure for developers in less than an hour per developer, there’s no reason you can’t teach developers to support your enterprise-grade Azure projects.  Take our word for it and give it a shot!  Let’s discuss your business needs and work out an hourly rate.

Next Steps

Review our case studies and engagements where we helped companies just like yours solve a variety of business needs.

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