Bridj | Big Data That Improves Mass Transit and Bus Routes

Bridj | Big Data That Improves Mass Transit and Bus Routes

What's going on with Big Data?  Bridj is the world's first smart transit system which adjusts its routes according to data from a myriad of sources, including Google Earth, Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, LinkedIn, the census and municipal records.  A passenger only needs to download the real-time smartphone app to check daily routes and receive alerts with arrival times.

According to the Bridj website, the service saves passengers about an hour each day compared to a similar route other public transit systems would take. The Bridj buses also offer complimentary WiFi and plush, luxury seats to its passengers.

Bridj | Big Data: How It Works

Bridj uses big data to predict how a city moves, then deploy dynamic transportation networks to match popular origin and destination pairings with direct service.

Bridj uses machine learning algorithms to get smarter as more users enter the system, allowing for a living, breathing, and thinking transportation system. Bridj's website claims:

Bridj is the first in the world to actively and dynamically collect city movement data, then dynamically deploy a transit network. By doing so, we have the ability to create infrastructure effectively and quickly throughout the world.

The system is poised to become so smart that it will eventually take more and more people closer to their destinations. Bridj will then swap out the 54-seat motor coaches for more efficient, smaller vehicles on its expanded routes, the brainchild behind Bridj, Matthew George said.

Over the course of the next five years, Bridj says it will begin to explore and utilize advanced technology like driverless shuttles to fundamentally alter the way cities move and travel.

Someday, George said, those vans could use big data and automated vehicle technology – becoming driverless vehicles that avoid collisions, get better fuel economy and speed up traffic flow.

Business Value

Providing more value to customers is essential to the health and well-being of every business. Bridj has effectively found a way to analyze its existing data and deliver faster, smarter ways to travel throughout Boston.

However, many organizations face challenges relating to data accessibility.

Most businesses have valuable data stored in various systems and databases but don't have access to or have a way to condense that data into a single dashboard. Without this, many business decision-makers are assessing only a small part of the 'big picture'.

In fact, in a recent Wall Street Journal survey, just 16 of 400 businesses in the survey said they are getting demonstrable value from their big data. Additionally, out of the 64 percent of organizations that have invested in or plan to invest in big data tech, only 8 percent have started using it.

Data and Analytics

Business Insight solutions have become a critical component of today's agile business environment. Oakwood delivers solutions that enable businesses to turn massive amounts of unstructured data into actionable insight. The approach involves three things: 1) discovering and combining data 2) gaining insights from data 3) sharing data and insights across the organization.

Oakwood implemented a BI tool suite for the #1 industry leader in workman's compensation insurance so they could focus on analytics and predictive modeling – just like Bridj does with its smart transit alternative:

Discover where Big Data fits into business intelligence strategy and learn how to turn unstructured data into informed decision making that will reveal new insights about your business performance.

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