Without Loyal Clients, We Wouldn’t Be In Business!

We have enjoyed relationships with clients of all sizes.  We celebrate success with each partnership.  Thanks to the many engagements we have enjoyed and their appreciation for our work.

As a start-up bank in 2008, we were operating in the relative dark ages. We reached out to Oakwood in need of a customized commercial and industrial lending loan management system. The team learned about the intricacies of our business, consistently asking detailed, thoughtful questions. They have been great to work with, and their diligence and expertise that went into creating our system allowed us to be incredibly efficient in our underwriting, approval, and documentation processes. I have heard my peers in the industry lament the shortcomings of some of their off-the-shelf systems, and I enjoy telling them that we have a customized, proprietary Loan Management System that really meets our needs.

Michael Murphy – Executive Vice President, Senior Lender
Parkside Financial Bank & Trust

It has been a pleasure working with you on this project.  I’d rate the experience a 10, and “extremely likely” to recommend Oakwood.  From our initial email and discussions to the detailed project plan, and through the almost six weeks of implementation, just a very professional and methodical execution.  My users didn’t miss a beat with their email.  I really appreciate your dedication, communication,  knowledge, and troubleshooting skills.  I went into this project knowing that issues would come up, they always do.  I needed a partner that I could trust to see us through this with minimal interruptions to business.  Knowing Oakwood’s reputation, and after talking to your team, I trusted you guys could do that.  You did.  Thank you.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Harbour Group
St. Louis, MO

We needed a tool that would allow us to manage the day-to-day processes of our business and also maintain a strong level of profitability for our operations.  We developed a partnership with Oakwood to build, enhance and sustain this key system. Our customized system is simple and intuitive to use and allows us to operate in an efficient and effective manner. The manner in which Oakwood dove in, learned our business and truly listened to our needs, has made them one of our most valuable business partners.  Our partnership continues to grow every year as our business and systems needs continue to mature. Oakwood’s flexible approach and collaborative work style allow us to participate and guide the evolution of our system.  This partnership ensures we have the capabilities required and the automation necessary to save on cost while improving accuracy and compliance. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Oakwood for many years to come.

Larry Jackson | Senior Vice President
Wrap Up Insurance Solutions

Our business is a customized aviation solution provider.  Sales are derived from a very detailed ground up cost build that is then communicated to our customers in varying complex cost models.  We needed help with a solution for determining our cost proforma and then tracking the performance of that proforma once the solution is purchased by our customer.  We were buried in spreadsheets and the myriad of minor deviations from a standard that inevitably results when managing by spreadsheet. Oakwood assessed our needs and identified a solution platform that gives us the tools we need to effectively cost, price, measure, forecast and adjust as necessary. They defined requirements, managed scope and ensured a successful execution which included integration with legacy silo data sources.

We can now generate proforma with confidence that all of the factors we should be using are pulled in using the proper costs and rates. We can also run scorecards to measure the performance of our business units. This process used to take significant man hours every month. Our process and methodology are baked into the system, but the system is flexible enough to grow and change as we do. Now we can focus on managing the business instead of managing the spreadsheets. Enjoyed working with Oakwood and will hire Oakwood again when the situation and need arises.

Enjoyed working with Oakwood and will hire Oakwood again when the situation and need arises.

Ingrid P Braeuninger | Vice President Sales and Business Development
Airport Terminal Services, Inc.

We needed a custom software application built and were struggling to find a third party technology team that could help us.  Thankfully, we found Oakwood.  They led us through the entire process, from discovery through to deployment, and we could not have done it without their technologists.  They hire the best and move fast.  The end product has made our business more lean and profitable.

Chief Technology Officer
Fortune 500 Company

Oakwood clearly brought a solid team to the table to help with our project needs.  The successfully migrated our software and data infrastructure off premises to the cloud.  Fewer worries for us.  Our systems are running better than they did before.

Manufacturing Company
St. Louis, MO