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Cloud Ascent

An Oakwood IP for Cloud-Focused Organizations

Oakwood’s proprietary Cloud Ascent Suite enables and accelerates cloud migrations by providing in-depth planning and robust price comparison tools.  These graphically driven reports will allow users to analyze price points for similar highly available services, visualize server dependencies and better manage migration groupings.  The reports will help ensure that all resources are right-sized with a cloud move utilizing powerful resource consumption visualizations and data points. 

With Oakwood’s unique tooling, we’ll be able to…

  • Compare virtual machine (vm) availability sets to other highly available service costs (such as application services).
  • Reduce migration risks by easily managing migration groupings and visualize migration dependencies.
  • Map out foreign migration dependencies and assign foreign migration groupings.
  • Assess the overall effort of the migration and then drill into migration groupings and drill down into individual servers when ready for migration.
  • Evaluate current Azure services (i.e. VMs, Web Apps, Storage, WVD, DevOps, IoT, SQL Servers).
  • Much More!

Cloud Ascent was developed by our team of Azure architects to better guide our customers along their migration and modernization journeys. With Cloud Ascent, we’ll be able to clearly convey cost ramifications in moving from IaaS to PaaS, risks associated with application dependencies and address ongoing optimization priorities. Our Managed Services Team can then utilize our proprietary cost management analysis tools to evaluate Azure services with the goal of discovering optimization and cost saving opportunities.

Azure Cost Management

This comes at no risk to you. Through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) agreement, we’ll monitor your environment in search of optimization and cost saving opportunities.


Deep Dive analysis of your Azure environment using Oakwood's proprietary tools and manual review set the foundation for savings.


Results from the analysis are reviewed and evaluated for recommendations by a team of Oakwood's expert Azure architects and engineers.


Plans are developed, prioritized and presented based on the evaluation of risk versus savings. You decide how much you want to save.


Engineers will execute the Azure architects' plans to begin realizing savings. Transition to Oakwood's Managed Azure assures best results.

Cloud Ascent in Action!

On a recent client engagement, our team was able to identify strategic Azure IaaS server migrations while managing risks through dependency visualizations, such as network connectivity and security access, then determining if PaaS would generate significant cost savings for specific applications or be more cost efficient by optimizing IaaS sizing.

This particular client’s 2,000 IaaS servers and PaaS services are continuing to be efficiently managed using Oakwood’s Azure Management Dashboard.

In another case, Oakwood’s Cloud Ascent suite of tools were able to identify strategic Azure database consolidation leading to a $6,000+ per month Azure cost savings while providing greater stability and performance.

At Oakwood, we stand firmly in the idea that every cloud migration strategy is backed by a proven process and approach that’s supported along the way with tools that can mitigate risk, provide clear cost comparisons and backed by consultants that can then thoroughly manage and optimize the environment.

Contact us today for a Cloud Ascent demonstration and we’ll show you how we can save you money!