Revise the existing application by aggressively adopting PaaS or even software as a service (SaaS) services and architecture. The process encompasses major revisions to add new functionality or to rearchitect the application for the cloud.

An example of this stage would be code redesign to decompose the original application into smaller chunks, and then deploy using modern cloud provider services.

Common Drivers Include:

  • Accelerate Innovation
  • Build Apps Faster
  • Reduce Operational Cost

Quantitative Analysis Factors:

  • Application Asset Size (CPU, Memory & Storage)
  • Dependencies (Network Traffic)
  • User Traffic (Page Views, Time on Page, Load Times)
  • Development Platform (Languages, Data Platform, Middle Tier Services)

Qualitative Analysis Factors:

  • Declining End User Satisfaction
  • Business Processes Limited by Functionality
  • Potential Cost, Experience or Revenue Gains

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