Construction Management Provider Improves Business

Construction Management Provider Improves Business

A national construction management firm has had dramatic growth and demanding deadlines—causing a challenge in the process of how they determined their staffing needs.  Read more in this interesting case study about how Oakwood solved their difficult problems.

Business Challenge

This company has numerous concurrent projects that it must keep track of each day. With each project came the allocation of the appropriate staff to each project. Every project has unique staffing needs with regards to staff location, ability, and experience. Trying to fill those needs and keep track of employee utilization was very burdensome and created a multitude of gaps and overlaps.

The existing solution the construction company had possessed several shortcomings that made the application less effective. Users were not able to track employee experience and keep up to date information on skill levels. The application also didn’t allow for scheduling out needs or forecasting how to fill those needs. Users were left with a database of employees, but could not effectively match their workforce to project needs.

Our Solution

The solution was to provide these needed functionalities by creating an application that communicated with the backend processes to a SQL server database which was deployed to an environment in Azure. Employee profiles were expanded to show project allocation and history. Project workflows were put in place to allow business owners to specify project needs and then search for employees based on role requirements. Reporting was added to help mitigate holes in staffing needs and to give overviews of resource statuses.

Construction Management Firm Conclusion

With the new tools, the organization is able to effectively forecast staffing needs well in advance and can react quickly if resource allocation has any holes. The solution provided them with the ability to fill their needs and keep track of employee utilization on a day to day basis. Business users are now more empowered to manage their project’s needs and availabilities and can do so more efficiently and effectively than was possible before.

Next Steps

Review our case studies and engagements where we helped companies just like yours solve a variety of business needs.

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