Software Like It Should Be

Do you need custom software development?  You’ve come to the right place.  Business is driven by processes that depend on software for efficient and effective execution. Your company needs the ability to develop these capabilities and provide a compelling offering to obtain that competitive advantage. Let Oakwood enable your business to create the tools you need to grow and prosper.

Our first step is a “joint discovery” where your business goals are defined and a preliminary project roadmap is laid out along with clear deliverables.

Working With You

Your business needs are what drive the effort. Technology is not the centerpiece, it is simply an enabler for the business process, ultimately giving you a competitive advantage.  Your role is the product owner. You understand your business and what you want to accomplish. Oakwood provides the technologists that make your goal become a reality.  We work with you in a series of iterations to identify the need and execute the vision.  Oakwood stays connected with you all along the way.  As a result, you can watch your project develop and feel part of the success of the project.

Engagement Strategy

  • Agile methodology, SCRUM
  • Work is time and materials based
  • Fixed bid is available for those with a fixed specification
  • Setting priorities and providing you the business capability to succeed
  • Full visibility into progress and remaining work with our backlog management tool (which is easy to follow and we will show you how to use)
  • Weekly updates
  • Frequent reviews and demos

Engagement Options

  • On-Site.  Application Architects and Developers deployed to your site to deliver a specific project.
  • Off-Site Remote Delivery: Working from various remote locations, we are fully allocated to your project, delivering 95% to 100% of the project remotely.
  • Application Development Center: Resources developing your project in an agile way working in our state-of-the-art innovative center.
  • On-Staff: Oakwood is deployed to your site to work alongside your team.
  • Maintenance Mode: Our resources will learn your application and be available for on-call updates, maintenance, and management.

Technical Capabilities

  • Code modernization
  • Web applications
  • Angular, Xamarin, Docker
  • Mobile application development (Windows, iPad/iPhone or Android)
  • Responsive design
  • UI / UX design and assessments
  • Web services / REST / WCF
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Micro Services
  • Database design / SSIS / SSRS / SSAS / PowerBI
  • Forms / workflows / BPM
  • Visual team services / Microsoft Test Center
  • Internet of Things
  • Data analytics (leverage machine learning and other modeling tools)
  • Unit testing, regression test suite (automated and manual)
  • Knowledge transfer to our Managed Services team or your internal team for long-term support and operations


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