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Disruptive Innovation: The Internet of Your Things

Disruptive Innovation: The Internet of Your Things

Internet of Things versus Internet of Your Things.  What's the difference?  It's driving a new wave of technical innovation. We are seeing the relevance of this technology in customers across the board, but what exactly is the internet of things?  If you ask an analyst, it’s billions of interconnected devices. Consequently, if you ask a business leader, it’s a new source of gadget-driven revenue. Then ask us, geeks?  Well, it’s about drones with lasers being piloted by robots. Each is somewhat true.

The Internet of Things vs. The Internet of Your Things

While other industry experts might disagree, I see the IoT a little bit differently. The Internet of things is about your business. It’s about the devices that exist around you and how one device can drive disruptive innovation in your industry, not billions of device, gadgets, or lasers. Just one device.

What's Really Going On?

In reality, the Internet of Things is an analyst concept. True disruption comes from the internet of YOUR things. The following are a few examples of ways our customers have changed their business through the ioYt.

Hussmann Example

  • Hussmann: Identifying that lighting influences buying decisions, Hussmann and Oakwood were able to partner together to build an ioYt solution that subtly changes lighting colors, intensity, and animation to showcase products in a new way.
  • With little change to their product line, we were able to help them start a journey from commodity manufacturing to industry innovator. Leveraging the power of devices connected to the cloud, they are able to shape the customer's experience.
  • This has already proven to increase sales for the customers deploying their Splash case product. See the product demo:
 A St. Louis Leader in the services space took a more traditional approach to the internet of your things. By geo-tagging equipment and integrating mobile devices, they are better able to manage their remote workforce and have freed their employees from busy work at the desk. The cost savings of this minor change to operations has paid off 6-fold in the year one alone.

For the geek in all of us: Bizzby (not an Oakwood client) took a very advanced approach to the internet of your things. They decided to “pull a Netflix” & knock the resident giant in the shipping industry out of their ivory tower. Taking UPS head on, they ARE using drones, piloted by robots, to tackle challenges. Bizzby is offering a service that works with your smartphone to request a drone, insert your package, & ship it out. You can read more about that here.

Next Steps

Review our case studies and engagements where we helped companies just like yours solve a variety of business needs.

About Oakwood

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