Do you have a great IT group that is helping to make your company a better place to work?  Here comes the survey so you can sign up your company as the greatest place in the world to work.  Every organization is on a quest to hire and retain the best people, wouldn't you agree?  So how do you get the people you want interested in working for your organization, and, once on board, how do you keep them?

While there are many answers to these questions, to be answered by groups across the organization, let's focus on how the IT group can contribute to the employee experience.  After all, the first step in becoming a Best Place to Work has got to be becoming a good place to work.

IT Group Contributions

  • Have a help desk that quickly and promptly resolves user problems.  Consider a self-service portal so that help is available 24/7 if your help desk is not staffed 24/7
  • Support continuous process improvement through employee surveying
  • Make the on-boarding process not only painless but flawless and impressive
  • Automate the processes supporting your performance management system (employee reviews)
  • Create a system for information that employees need on a regular basis, whether HR policies and procedures, departmental information, or how-to-guides
  • Enable a culture of transparency by making key information available to employees, based on their roles and responsibilities

While the IT department is not in charge of corporate culture, there are significant contributions that IT can make to an organization's goal of becoming a great place to work.


What do you think?  Other ideas?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

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