Are you considering a revamp of your existing Employee Portal? First of all, the concept of an Employee Portal aligns well with SharePoint, especially 2013. Aside from being simply the “landing page” for an organization, a well-architected portal can drive strategic engagement, and finally, ultimately resulting in a stronger ROI.

It is important to identify the needs prior to entering into any kind of portal discussion. Wouldn't you agree?  There are several main categories that portal architecture can fall into, and as a result, all have different architectural and tool requirements.

Thinking of Creating an Employee Portal?


Is there a need to drive a different culture? Is a shift required to produce different results for the company? Perhaps your company recently experienced a large resource rollover; how do you attract and retain the ‘right’ talent? How do you engage the right resource, for the right purpose, at the right time? SharePoint can offer a targeted look and feel experiences to your user base, provide collaborative tools both intra and inter-team. In addition, a cultural portal can not only surface corporate trending but drive it as well.

A great example would be a company that customizes the look and feel of the landing page based on the department that the associate works in. This helps build a team mentality and can set the tone based on needs and the strategic value. The web parts would be more aligned with divisional strategy (news, projects, tasks, etc.) in order to provide a focused message to the reader. Providing a team driven mentality and membership perception can set focus on common goals, better results and ultimately, increased ROI.  Lastly, we know that is important to you.

Productivity Efficiency

Does the organization need improvement in the tools that are required for the associates to do their job? Is too much time being wasted on the method rather than the result? SharePoint offers tremendous value gain in terms of workflow streamlining, reporting, and task management; getting the right information to the right person so they can make the right decision for the business. Again, the design and tools are different for this type of rollout than the others.

The web parts should be targeting the individual in a case like this. Most of all consider tasks, projects, issues, have all surfaced for the associate. Deliver what the associate needs on a daily basis.  As a result, you'll see better job performance. Task aggregation provides a one-stop location for all assigned tasks, across the SharePoint farm, including SP2013 integration with Exchange, and Office co-authoring.  Again, these tools that can be incorporated for a marked increase in productivity.


This is probably the most common driver for an employee portal. Getting the message to the masses, but more importantly – getting the masses to communicate both up and across. Is executive management detached from the middle? Is the message accurate going down, as well as up and across? SharePoint provides a wide variety of communication tools, as well as great integration with Microsoft’s messaging suite. Finally, communication could be delivered at the enterprise level, as well as divisional and departmental through filtering, providing the right communication to the right level.

Rollup Tools

The new Content Search rollup tools provide great flexibility in delivering information to the target audience, delivering communication to those that need it, as well as those who consume it.  Especially relevant is the enhanced social experience improves on not only the ability to communicate within the enterprise but finding and retaining the information that is shared to allow for organizational learning.


First of all, SharePoint 2013 provides new and refined tools to provide for a better portal experience. Depending on the overall strategy and design, these tools can address the specific needs and challenges the organization faces. Simple associate task aggregation, all the way up to enterprise-wide BI tools, can be incorporated into the portal.  As a result, you will increase corporate awareness, productivity, and communication.

Next Steps

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