Every Person Affects the Bottom Line

Every Person Affects the Bottom Line

“Undercover Boss,” if you haven't seen it, is a TV show where the head of a big organization goes undercover as a worker, learning from his own unknowing employees and discovering where “corporate” may have missed the mark.  It's a cool show, but I wish it were longer than one hour, so we could really see how corporate changes and how employees change in response to what corporate has learned about them.  Some of the stories have been rather poignant, and some have been rather pointed, and the themes of “corporate don't care” or “corporate doesn't know what it's like out here” have been recurring in nearly every episode.

The Bottom Line

What would it be like if every person in your company knew exactly how their work affects the bottom line?  What if everyone understood how his or her contribution matters.  And how a lack of execution ripples all through the organization?  Would the workplace be more energized?  Do you think team members would encourage other team members to meet or exceed their personal goals?  how about more ideas flowing, more creativity, more accountability?  You bet.

Watch Undercover Boss

If you haven't watched “Undercover Boss,” you can find episodes here at CBS online.  Check out the looks on the people's faces in the final scenes and you might get some ideas for your own organization.

If you haven't read “Gung Ho” by Ken Blanchard, you'll probably enjoy it.  It's a pretty candid and easy-to-read look at what power to the people can do for an organization.

It's something to think about.

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