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High Performance Computing (HPC) Assessment

Evaluating the efficiency and scalability of your HPC environment.

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The area of High-Performance Computing (HPC) encompasses the use of advanced computing techniques and technologies to solve complex problems and process large amounts of data at exceptionally high speeds. HPC systems are designed to deliver significant computational power and parallel processing capabilities, enabling scientists, researchers, and organizations to tackle computationally intensive tasks that would be impractical or infeasible with traditional computing resources.

Oakwood’s Azure HPC Assessment aims to identify potential performance bottlenecks and areas for optimization within your current HPC environment (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid). It evaluates the efficiency and scalability of your current setup, ensuring that you are utilizing your infrastructure resources effectively to achieve maximum performance and productivity.

Oakwood’s HPC Services

Learn more about our Team’s experiences across infrastructure, data & analytics, and application work with HPC environments.

HPC Assessment Objectives

Performance Optimization

We’ll evaluate the efficiency and scalability of your current setup, ensuring that you are utilizing current infrastructure resources effectively to achieve maximum performance and productivity.

Scalability & Elasticity

Oakwood’s assessment will evaluate the scalability and elasticity of your current setup, ensuring that it can handle peak workloads efficiently and cost-effectively.

Cost Optimization

Our assessment helps identify overprovisioned or underutilized resources, allowing you to right-size your infrastructure and optimize costs while maintaining the required level of performance.

Resource Utilization

Our assessment will provide insights into current resource utilization patterns, helping you optimize resource allocation, avoid resource bottlenecks, and maximize the utilization of infrastructure resources.

Security & Compliance

Here we’ll ensure that proper security measures are in place to protect sensitive data, adhere to compliance requirements, and mitigate potential security risks or vulnerabilities.


We’ll take our assessment findings and work with you to develop a roadmap for future improvements, upgrades, and expansions, aligning your HPC strategy with your business goals and requirements.


  • Understanding the client’s current HPC infrastructure and requirements
  • Gathering information on the client’s existing workflows and applications
  • Identifying performance bottlenecks and areas of improvement


  • Evaluating the client’s hardware and software stack
  • Assessing the scalability and efficiency of the current HPC system
  • Analyzing workload management, scheduling, and data storage solutions

Performance Evaluation

  • Benchmarking the client’s HPC system against industry standards
  • Analyzing the performance metrics of key applications
  • Identifying areas for optimization and fine-tuning

Recommendations & Roadmap

  • Providing actionable recommendations to enhance HPC performance
  • Proposing hardware or software upgrades where necessary
  • Developing a roadmap for implementing the suggested improvements

Assessment Report

  • Detailed findings from the assessment process
  • Summary of performance bottlenecks and areas of improvement
  • Recommendations and prioritization of suggested enhancements
  • Roadmap for implementing the proposed improvements

Performance Metrics Analysis

  • Comprehensive analysis of key application performance
  • Comparison with industry benchmarks and best practices
  • Identification of areas for optimization and tuning

Infrastructure Evaluation

  • Assessment of the client’s HPC hardware and software stack
  • Evaluation of scalability, efficiency, and reliability
  • Identification of potential upgrades or replacements

Implementation Guidelines

  • Step-by-step instructions for implementing recommended changes
  • Configuration guidelines for hardware, software, and network optimizations
  • Best practices for workload management and scheduling

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