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azure high performance computing hpc

Azure High-Performance Computing (HPC)

Drive smarter simulations and empower intelligent decision making.

Why HPC on Azure?

Azure High Performance Computing (HPC) is a cutting-edge cloud computing solution that enables organizations to solve complex problems faster and more efficiently than ever before. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Azure HPC provides users with an unprecedented level of scalability, performance, and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and industries.

With Azure HPC, you can easily spin up a cluster of virtual machines and take advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies, including GPUs, RDMA, InfiniBand, MPI, and more. Whether you need to run high-performance simulations, perform big data analytics, or execute advanced machine learning algorithms, Azure HPC has you covered.


Purpose-Built HPC

A full range of CPU and GPU capabilities that help applications scale to 80K+ cores​​.


Fast, Secure Networking

Fast InfiniBand inter-connects as well​ as edge-to-cloud connectivity​​.


High Performing Storage

A range of storage capabilities to support simple-to-complex storage needs​​.


Workload Orchestration

End-to-end workflow agility using known, familiar tools and processes​.

HPC for Animal Genetics

The Oakwood Team had the opportunity to work on an incredibly unique and complex project involving a leader in elite genetics and biotechnology serving farmers around the globe. The data they provide to livestock owners is critical in helping them breed better quality animals while finding efficiencies in the production process.

HPC Technologies

Here are just a few areas where we shine!

azure cyclecloud hpc

Azure Cyclecloud

The Oakwood Team provides Azure Cyclecloud configuration services to better manage your HPC clusters in Azure.

lustre hpc


Our HPC engineers will install and configure the parallel file system to provide scalable, high-throughput, and low-latency access to data.

slurm hpc


Oakwood has a deep understanding of cluster architecture, Linux administration, job scheduling algorithms, and parallel computing

weka hpc


Our Data and HPC Teams have deep understanding of machine learning algorithms and HPC infrastructure. Let us assist in install and optimization.

Oakwood Services for HPC Clients

Application Development & Modernization

Our Team builds, optimizes, and enhances applications that run on HPC systems. Here are few examples of the application work we provide within HPC.

microsoft solutions partner digital & app innovation azure


HPC users require applications that can take full advantage of the high-performance computing resources available to them. Oakwood’s application optimization services can help optimize your code to run efficiently and achieve maximum performance.


If you have existing applications that were developed for other platforms and need to be ported to run on HPC systems, our application porting services can help move applications to HPC systems while maintaining their functionality and performance.

Parallel Programming

You need applications that can effectively exploit parallelism and distributed computing to achieve maximum performance. Parallel programming can help you develop applications that can take full advantage of HPC system resources.

Cloud-Native Application Development

So many organizations today are turning to cloud-based infrastructure services to gain flexibility and agility in their computing environments. Cloud-native application development services can help you develop cloud-native applications that can take full advantage of cloud-based infrastructure resources.


High-performance computing (HPC) users require specialized infrastructure services to support their computing needs. Here are just some examples of the work our Team delivers in support of HPC environments.

microsoft solutions partner infrastructure azure

Cluster Management

HPC clusters typically require sophisticated cluster management software to manage job scheduling, resource allocation, and monitoring of the computing nodes.


Let us help you implement high-performance and reliable storage solutions to store large amounts of data generated by your simulations and analyses. This includes solutions such as high-performance parallel file systems and object storage systems.

Cloud Infrastructure

Many HPC clients are turning to cloud-based infrastructure services to gain flexibility and agility in their computing environments. Cloud-based solutions can provide scalable compute and storage resources on demand.

Data & Analytics

High-performance computing (HPC) clients often require data and analytics services to help them analyze and make sense of the large amounts of data generated by their simulations and analyses. Here are just a few examples of the types of data and analytics services the Oakwood Team provides.

microsoft solutions partner data & ai azure

Management & Curation

HPC clients generate vast amounts of data, and managing and curating this data is essential to ensure its long-term usability and value. This includes services such as data archiving, data backup, and data cataloging.


We’re experts at helping clients with data analysis tasks such as data processing, data mining, and machine learning. Our data analysis services can provide you with the tools and expertise you need to analyze data effectively and derive insights from it.


It’s often critical to integrate data from multiple sources to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your research challenges. Oakwood can help you combine data from disparate sources and create a unified view of your data.


Our HPC Data Team can help you visualize your data to gain insights and communicate your findings effectively. Data visualization services can help you create high-quality visualizations of your data that is easy to understand and interpret.


Are you working with sensitive data that requires strict security controls to protect it from unauthorized access or theft? Let our Team work with yours in providing the tools and expertise needed to secure data and comply with relevant data protection regulations.

Azure HPC Assessment

Oakwood’s Azure HPC Assessment aims to identify potential performance bottlenecks and areas for optimization within your current HPC environment (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid).

Azure HPC Assessment

Benefits of HPC on Azure across industries

hpc manufacturing

HPC for Manufacturing

  • Empower collaboration by enabling distributed teams to work from anywhere, on any device, across multiple sites with Cloud Workstation​
  • Optimize the design concept and validation process by creating digital prototypes with Cloud Rendering
  • Enhance product design iteration and optimization by leveraging digital twin with HPC Simulation and Analysis​
  • Transform large-scale training and validation by engaging cloud resources on demand with Deep Learning & AI Training​
hpc life sciences

HPC for Life Sciences

  • The most extensive healthcare compliance coverage of any cloud​
  • Ability to scale processes globally with data residency in country​
  • Depth with predictive analysis and insights via machine learning​
  • Accelerate implementation with HIPAA & HITRUST Blueprints​
  • Reduce costs associated with large scale Genomics research​
hpc insurance

HPC for Insurance

  • Azure HPC allows insurers to optimize their risk modeling and respond to changing regulatory demands efficiently and quickly. ​
  • Risk modeling solutions in Azure enable insurers to take advantage of unlimited, elastic cloud resources. 
  • Azure provides capacity on demand, helping insurers to optimize their use and achieve significant efficiencies as well as enabling them to be more ambitious in the way they model risk and respond to change (such as new regulatory demands) more quickly. ​
hpc financial services

HPC for Financial Services

  • Ability to deploy & manage compute grids lets banks manage their risk more effectively, as well as uncover new monetization opportunities
  • Early stage impact assessments enable banks to determine FRTB-readiness and develop an ongoing compliance strategy.
  • Build, implement, and test unique trading strategies without putting real money at risk.
hpc genomics

HPC for Genomics

  • Azure provides ultra-high speed and highly-secure data transfers for genomic’s primary analysis data, predictive maintenance, monitoring and field maintenance for equipment.​
  • Azure delivers a cost-effective, trusted and high-performance platform to run genomics workloads while storing the data securely. Users also have access to high-performance advanced analytics capabilities that can run in thousands of nodes in parallel.​
hpc automotive

HPC for Automotive

  • When integrated with digital twin technology, manufacturers can enhance IoT data with advanced analytics and cognitive services to create a value-added layer of insight that drives product optimization and improves product quality
  • Visualize real-time factory or product performance from anywhere. ​
  • Simulate and replicate physical products with digital twins to optimize products in use.

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