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IoT: Small Devices That Bring Massive Revenue

IoT: Small Devices That Bring Massive Revenue

Our personal devices are not just multiplying, they’re getting a lot smarter every day. Companies, now more than ever, have the power to be—literally—within an arm’s reach of their customers, and consumers have the power to choose which brands they let into their pockets and into their lives.

For businesses, being always-on and available to their customers 24/7 isn’t a choice, but a mandatory part of going digital and remaining relevant today. To rise above the constant bombardment of content that users receive every second, brands must ensure that their messaging is impactful. They must also ensure that it is delivered to the right device at exactly the right time, all while keeping their customers’ (and their own) data secure.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT isn’t a technology revolution, it’s a business revolution powered by technology. With thousands of devices going online each day and 73 percent of companies actively investing in IoT, the need for constant innovation and improved security is a challenge that businesses must overcome just to stay competitive. Those that do have the potential to unlock business intelligence data and insight-driven analytics that can dramatically change the way they operate, enabling increased efficiency and delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

What is the next step in digitally transforming your business? Well-implemented strategies can reap benefits across multiple departments and processes, leading to great opportunities to follow up and capitalize on initial successes.  

This was the case with FINNING, the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, which soon realized that its own operations were seeing just as many benefits as its clients. In fact, the company quickly learned that the data obtained from customer-facing solutions enabled it to gain insights into its own internal processes and become even more efficient.  

Watch this video to learn how Microsoft Azure IoT can have game-changing solutions that enable internal process optimization and significantly enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

FINNING digitally transforms its operations with IoT apps on Azure cloud

For more information and to learn how IoT can be implemented within your organization, drop us a line below. We can’t wait to get started!

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