Managing the Sales Prevention Department

Managing the Sales Prevention Department

Every time a representative of your company interacts with a customer, they could be reassigning themselves to the Sales Prevention Department.  Every time one of your company's processes or systems touches a customer, they could be part of the Sales Prevention Department too.  People need to understand their role in the customer interaction process.  And people who manage systems and processes need to understand the same thing.

Sales That Fall Off The Back End

The most important thing any organization does is attract and retain customers.  So doesn't it make sense that every organization would provide education to the team members as to how they affect that relationship?

Brenda Gelston, Demand Generation and Customer Engagement Consultant at Marketing Momentum Associates out of New England:

Ask any business owner or a senior manager if they know how their customers reach the decision to work with them and they start talking about their white papers, their product fact sheets, their webinars… well, you get the picture. Not too many businesses take the time to map out the purchasing journey and then try to match content to milestones identified on the roadmap. It is time consuming and labor intensive but in my opinion it is absolutely necessary initial step.

Thinking Outside The Box

I would take it one step further.  Map out not only the purchasing journey but the entire engagement journey.  Educate your people, for sure.  Design your systems and processes to remove roadblocks in the purchasing journey, not to create them.  In my previous post, I shared how one company lost my business because there were too many roadblocks and a distinct lack of interest in actually receiving an order.  Had the journey been mapped out and IT brought in to the picture, the roadblocks could have been removed.

Busboy To The Rescue

Here's one more example – silly, but true and to the point.  Last night we had a pretty good meal at a newly-changed-ownership Mexican restaurant.  The food was good, the service was okay, the price was right.  We concluded that we would probably go back there.  We took a sip of our half-full drinks and stood up to put on our coats.  Before our coats were even on, the busboy was there throwing a rag on the table, putting his fingers into our drinks, and scooping them up to carry them away.  I said, “I was going to have another drink of that before we left.”  He just looked at me wide-eyed for a moment, took the drinks, and split for the kitchen, breaking every customer service rule in the book in the process.  The sad part is, the owners will never know why we decided not to come back after all.  The truth is, that busboy just became part of the Sales Prevention Department.


It comes down to delivering excellent customer service?  So, how are you doing?

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