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Protection You Can Rely On

Great security.  Every business needs it.  Our solutions offer proven techniques that properly assess and then secure vulnerabilities, like ones you may not know you have.  We offer a holistic approach to security, laser-focused on how to minimize easy entry points and exposure opportunities.

Remember, a data breach can take seconds.  The middle of the night.  Quickly.  Then what happens?  The repair process and putting things back together takes months. Your reputation is tarnished.  Credibility restoration is a business you don’t want to be in.

Let Oakwood assess your risk, coach you on ways to prevent attacks and create actionable response plans.



A thorough assessment of your enterprise PKI design and deployment.  We provide PKI enterprise-level planning, design, deployment with SHA-1 to SHA-2 planning and migration.

Windows 10

We orchestrate your client migration or deployment to Windows 10. Guidance is provided on application compatibility, new security features, deployment options, cloud integration and MDM capabilities.


Windows Server

We’ll lead your server migration and deployment to Windows Server.  We’ll guide you on new security and storage features, deployment options, built-in containers, and agile networking options.

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Office 365

There are over 40 potential security controls in Office 365.  We identify each control you have in place and recommend specific, high-quality control improvement strategies.

enterprise mobility


Your organization is analyzed and examined for risk to ransomware exploitation.  A 360-degree approach includes interviews, assessment, data analysis, reporting, and remediation.


Azure Active Directory

We’ll lead a complete assessment of your Azure Active Directory or on-premises Active Directory implementation from an architectural, operational, process and policy perspective approach.

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