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Overcoming Cultural Pushback to the Cloud

Overcoming Cultural Pushback to the Cloud

Wondering why there is cultural pushback to the cloud?  Well, we see cloudy skies ahead.  Why is that?  As companies head toward the cloud, it's changing much more than just where companies' data and services are hosted. The cloud is an incredibly disruptive technology with the potential to profoundly change a company's entire culture, not just its IT operations.

While there are many well-thought-out technical reasons to resist the cloud, we often see these implementations fail due to this unexpected roadblock: cultural pushback.

The Cloud: With Change Comes Fear

Fear of change is one of the most common reasons for resistance to the cloud. After all, moving to the cloud requires a new set of skills and removes at least a portion of control where control once existed. There are many changes that must take place within an organization when moving to the cloud: changes in escalation, changes in provisioning, changes in software, and the list goes on. Change can be challenging, particularly for organizations that are slow to adapt in the first place. These changes, coupled with an organization's existing culture, can often lead to organizational resistance that is incredibly difficult to overcome.

The Solution: Coaching and Training

Making the move is more than just an IT project — it’s an evolution of your business. It should be met with the same level of training and support that you would give to any big company initiative. “When the focus is on obtaining buy-in, rather than on upending familiar processes, you are likely to find the entire migration to go much more smoothly,” said Shad Moss, Director of Application Development at Oakwood. Resistance happens when teams perceive that the change that is occurring is a threat to them. Keywords here are 'perceive' and 'threat'.

There are many misconceptions: the cloud is not secure, is unstable, and expensive. These objections demonstrate a lack of full understanding – and this often leads to fear of the unknown.

Three Simple Steps

1. Get the facts.  Let's talk!
2. Prepare for new training and education
3. Get buy-in

Don't Fail!  Make your launch a success!  Check out 5 Ways Your Cloud Implementation Can Fail.

Next Steps

Review our case studies and engagements where we helped companies just like yours solve a variety of business needs.

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