Remote Workplace Workshop

Maintain Productivity While Staying Secure

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a historic disruption in how work gets done. Dealing with the reality of a remote workforce offered a serious gut-check to IT professionals around the globe.

Were systems in place where sensitive business information could remain secure when accessed by remote workers?

Did users have access to files so that they could remain productive in their daily tasks?

Could business leaders still communicate effectively throughout their respective teams? 

With a host of technology options to choose from, we believe a consistent approach throughout all departments to address these challenges is crucial for organizations as they strive to maintain productivity.

Oakwood is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner well-versed in effectively planning, implementing, training and driving adoption of the powerful (and secure) tools available from Microsoft and their Office 365 Suite.

With our half-day Remote Workplace Workshop, our team will join forces with yours to address the major components of a successful work from home transition for your team members. We’ll engage with your stakeholders to better understand your business objectives, review your current state and plans for the future and analyze your current Office 365 licensing throughout your organization.

At the conclusion of the workshop we’ll digest the collected information and provide you with:

A Work From Home Readiness Assessment

  • It’s here where we document our findings from the workshop and insert our recommendations and call out any issues or risks.

A Work From Home Roadmap

  • This single-page document will detail the various tasks that would need to be undertaken, in a visual roadmap form, to get you from current state to fully work from home ready.


User Access

Endpoint Management


File Collaboration & Sharing

Video Conferencing

Chat / Messaging

Calling / Voice

Microsoft Teams Voice

Policies & Governance

  • Microsoft Teams Creation, Guest Access, Data Security, SharePoint Site Ownership, Folder Structuring, Permissions, etc.


  • We’ll deploy and walk you through a self-service tool that will get your team trained up on these services.


  • As users begin utilizing these new tools, reports are made available for clear insights into overall organizational adoption.

Ready to get started? We are! Contact us below and we’ll have a conversation on where to begin.