Agile development methodologies are well into the Gartner “Scope of Enlightenment” stage, yet are still misunderstood by stakeholders and teams that don’t yet realize the tremendous value that it can bring to an organization.  Historically, there have been distrusting and adversarial relationships between business teams and technology teams. However, these melt away when they collaboratively set goals, both identify and track tasks, and report on progress.  The transparency of standups and burndown charts creates an understanding and empathy that changes the entire team dynamic.  User Stories focus business partners on the ‘what’ they actually need, while allowing technology organizations to focus on the ‘how’.  This is the key difference between Use Cases and User Stories in creating opportunities for the two groups to focus on what they do best, and energize development teams to demonstrate creativity and innovative capabilities.

Extending Agile principles to the business team, as end-to-end capabilities, are quickly deployed, and reduce requirements and customized needs in a system.  When a user sees what the implemented tools can natively provide, they quickly buy in to the solution and become committed instead of involved.  Untold Access databases have been put to rest once users realize the new platform frequently provides tracking and status capabilities naturally.

It is important we continue to educate and drive the Agile transformation within organizations, not as a status reporting tool , but as what it is, a transcendent methodology that will reinvigorate the relationship between IT and Business partners, Accelerate IT’s ability to delivery, Build stronger relationships between teams, and enable technology teams to think and deliver innovation.

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