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The Modern Classroom: Empowering Education

The Modern Classroom: Empowering Education

The world our students learn in today is vastly different than when we went to school.  They have more access to information and technology than ever before, but it is the skills around the effective use of that technology to analyze, evaluate, and create that will set them up to become lifelong learners. 

Transformation and evolution in education can mean any number of things.  For example, taking learning beyond the classroom, personalizing those experiences to reach and challenge all learners, providing several ways to interact with content like hands-on or game-based learning as well as immersive experiences using Virtual and Augmented Reality. 

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Transformation in education is not without its challenges.  Microsoft understands the teacher’s role in the lives of their students as critical to the child’s academic, social, and mental well-being.  Teachers are tasked with increasing student learning outcomes as well as the instructional capacity of their peers  This is what they do for every student they have regardless of their academic, physical, or cognitive ability.  They are responsible for more and more each school year, without the budget or resources to accompany the added time.

Technology has changed the way we work, driving demand for employees who can thrive as creative, critical-thinkers and digital collaborators. Tools that help employees connect instantly through chat and video and work together to solve problems are becoming the norm in offices around the world.  Microsoft believes classrooms that mirror the modern workplace will be most successful in preparing students for the future.  

In any given classroom there are a wide range of students, learning at various levels. To bridge the gap between them and empower each student to learn in the way that works best for them, Microsoft is committed to providing schools with inclusive and collaborative technology.

Student success is at the core of education, and technology alone will not lead to better learning outcomes. However, the way teachers and students use technology to take learning further can have a significant impact.  Microsoft Education provides tools that improves independence for students of all ability levels.  Our tools provide access for students who struggle, high-achieving students, non-native speakers, and every student in between.  

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Microsoft also help students work smarter and more efficiently.  And as more and more jobs take on a technical bent, it’s critical to ignite an interest in STEM in more and more students. This means making STEM more accessible and fun for all students.

The same is true for unlocking creativity. We are all creators. When we create we learn. Microsoft Education has a set of tools and experiences that help teachers bring their lessons to life in new and exciting ways and for student to explore and learn in ways that unlock their own creativity and understanding. 

Time is a valuable commodity for us all, but for teachers every minute in the classroom matters and every additional minute they have for teaching is beneficial for the students.  Microsoft Education brings together the richest set of tools for classroom collaboration to help stay organized, make announcements, push out assignments and handle the day-to-day operations of the class.  

Microsoft is committed to increasing every individual’s access to content, and giving every learner the opportunity to contribute, collaborate, and be creative. With all these tools built-in to Microsoft 365, all students are given more access to the core curriculum content, which now makes these accessibility tools normalized and non-stigmatizing.

Our goal is to empower the students of today to create the world of tomorrow.  In education, this is more than just providing cheap new toys to play and learn with.  Our hope is to create sustainable change in the ways we educate our students that will give them the tools they need to handle the world they live in today and prepare them to take on the challenges of tomorrow.  

Microsoft Education Mission Statement

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