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Azure Security Questions

The Benefits of Microsoft Azure

The concept of the cloud and Azure security questions are things that we deal with daily.  We still see fear and concerns across all levels of the business. Security’s the
Posted on September 5, 2017
consumer experience

Designing the Consumer Experience (Physical and Digital)

A quality consumer experience means everything.  As consumers, we often don't think about the importance of a great consumer experience.  As businesses, it is everything we should be thinking about.
Posted on September 5, 2017
application development solution

Increase Your Efficiency and Reduce Possible Errors with Application Development Solutions

One application development solution is tricky.  Two can be even more difficult.  These changes require a deep understanding of backend processes and internal technologies.  Oakwood attacks the most difficult application
Posted on September 5, 2017
financial services firm

Is Outdated Technology Holding Your Business Back?

A local commercial banking and financial services firm realized the use of outdated software was having a detrimental effect on the way they did business.  The firm used the outdated
Posted on September 5, 2017
real time data

My Customers Are Wasting Their Data

Reports that leverage data that is days or weeks old doesn't cut it anymore and many aren't considering real-time data.  If you aren't looking at real-time data and using it
Posted on September 5, 2017
Top E-mail Tricks

Top 7 Email Tips and Tricks from my Time at Microsoft

Need our top e-mail tricks?  We have you covered.  Working at a company with over 100,000 of your best friends teaches you NOT to Reply All to e-mails. Here are
Posted on September 5, 2017
construction management firm

Construction Management Provider Improves Business

A national construction management firm has had dramatic growth and demanding deadlines—causing a challenge in the process of how they determined their staffing needs.  Read more in this interesting case
Posted on September 5, 2017

Oakwood Systems Group Partners with Sitecore

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI – July 13, 2016 – Oakwood Systems Group, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and Sitecore®, a global leader in customer experience management software, today announced a partnership
Posted on September 1, 2017
manufacturing firm

Oakwood Helps Manufacturing Firm Achieve Business Goals

An industrial manufacturing firm had a solution that was difficult to maintain and prevented them from keeping pace with business demands.  This large line of business application was responsible for
Posted on September 1, 2017
color blindness

Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality, and What the Future Holds

If you’ve been outside recently, you’ve probably noticed at least one of the millions of people chasing virtual Poke monsters through the streets while staring at the screens of their
Posted on September 1, 2017
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite | Secure | Productive

Unsecured company data can cost millions in lost research, regulatory fines, or litigation settlements, but protecting your information shouldn’t make it harder for workers to get their jobs done.  Microsoft
Posted on September 1, 2017
IT talent pool

We Solve The IT Talent Pool Issue

What's going on with the IT talent pool?  How fierce is the competition for tech talent? Software developers right out of college can demand starting salaries of up to $90,000. Once
Posted on September 1, 2017

The 5 Best Tech TED Talks

We all have a favorite TED Talk that makes us feel ready to take over the world after 18 minutes.  The mission of the TED organization is spreading ideas in
Posted on September 1, 2017
Database Management

Gartner Calls Microsoft a Leader in Database Management

Check out this brief Microsoft video and see why SQL Server outshines others in the database management space. SQL Server Outshines Others Benefits • Affordability, with everything built-in • Security—most
Posted on September 1, 2017
Agile Methodology

Being Agile is More Important Than Being Perfect

In business, agility, not perfection, is the single most important indicator of success, even having an agile methodology belief.  While the pressure to move faster and work smarter becomes more
Posted on September 1, 2017
SaaS PaaS IaaS

Cloud Solutions Quick Guide: SaaS vs. PaaS vs. IaaS

SaaS PaaS IaaS.  Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service are all ways companies are handling their data activity and deployment efforts.  Oakwood is
Posted on September 1, 2017
cloud migration strategy

Three Surefire Signs You’re Ready for the Cloud

What is your cloud migration strategy?  Ever since cloud computing became a thing, every vendor and service provider in the world has been trying to convince the market they have
Posted on September 1, 2017

3 Tips for Surviving the Talent Shortage

Talent shortage?  There is a significant and widening skills gap in key areas like cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, big data, and mobile application development … and we're not the only ones who have
Posted on September 1, 2017

3 Ways to Fail With Scrum

The advantages of Scrum far outweigh the disadvantages.  Quick and iterative delivery of products, transparency among team members, and better communication are attractive aspects of implementing Scrum. It is not
Posted on September 1, 2017
Microsoft Operating System

Oakwood Achieves Gold Competency in Cloud Productivity

Oakwood Systems Group, a leader in cloud computing solutions, has attained Microsoft Gold Competency in Cloud Productivity. By demonstrating “best-in-class” abilities and commitment to Microsoft's rigorous standards, Oakwood has distinguished
Posted on September 1, 2017
Cloud Leader

Microsoft and Its Partners Continue to Lead in the Cloud

Whether you’re looking at Microsoft’s industry-leading Office 365 services or at their Azure cloud solutions, Microsoft keeps pushing ahead … and is often leading the pack.  Microsoft Partners, including Oakwood,
Posted on September 1, 2017
Buy or Build Software

Buy or Build Software For Your Business?

Buy or build software.  Good question!  We recommend “build.”  What's going on with your software products?  With so many out-of-the-box, off-the-shelf SaaS products in the market, some people might call
Posted on September 1, 2017
Scrum Master

Confessions of a Scrum Master

The Agile methodology is easy to understand, but difficult to master. Take it from a Scrum Master.  Agile Scrum, in particular, requires a change in mindset. Too often, Project Managers
Posted on September 1, 2017
private cloud

The Debate – Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

Let's get into a really important topic.  Are you thinking public cloud or private cloud?  There are three primary forms of cloud computing. Public cloud. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud.  More
Posted on September 1, 2017
Evolve Digital Labs

Oakwood Announces Partnership With Evolve Digital Labs

An important message from Oakwood CEO, Charles Windsor – I am excited to share today that Oakwood Systems Group has announced a new partnership with Evolve Digital Labs. Our Partnership
Posted on September 1, 2017
cloud migration

Planning Your Move to the Cloud

What is happening at your company in relation to a cloud migration plan?  More and more organizations are implementing some form of cloud computing into their environments. If you are
Posted on September 1, 2017
Office 365 Email

10 Reasons To Migrate to Microsoft Office 365

Thinking about a Microsoft Office 365 migration?  If you haven’t migrated your messaging and collaboration infrastructure to Microsoft Office 365 you are missing out on one of Microsoft’s premier service
Posted on September 1, 2017
Business Dashboard

5 Signs Your Business Dashboard is Broken

Your business dashboard is more than just a point-of-access into your management information system – or at least, it should be. Its purpose extends beyond acting as a graphical representation of
Posted on September 1, 2017
IT talent pool

Exploring Gender Inequality in Tech

The U.S. Department of Labor projects that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million computer specialist job openings. Yet U.S. universities are only on track to produce enough qualified graduates
Posted on September 1, 2017

Ransomware Background and Protection

Ransomware is malicious software.  It is covertly installed on a victim’s computer.  The intent is to hold your computer and files for ransom, as a result, rendering them unusable until
Posted on September 1, 2017