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Microsoft Fabric

Power business decisions with cloud-scale analytics​

Accelerate your data potential with Microsoft Fabric​

From data integration and engineering to business intelligence and real time analytics, Microsoft Fabric enables data professionals to host all their analytics workloads in a SaaS-based, lake-first solution––eliminating organizational siloes. ​

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Unlock the business value you expect and achieve more with less by unifying your hybrid and multi-cloud data estates for faster, connected intelligence. ​

Unify your hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise data estate for analytics

Establish a regulated hub to centralize and organize all your business data, creating a foundation for innovative analytics. Streamline your workloads and enable your data engineers to spin up analytics solutions faster than ever before.​

Build fit-for-purpose analytics models​

Leverage the full potential of your data by constructing ML and AI models on a connected foundation with no data movement. Enable data scientists to perform analysis on large volumes of data in real-time leveraging the tools and languages they know. ​

Responsibly democratize analytics with data governance​

Connect the services you need to enable an open, scalable analytics platform with built-in security and governance. Equip your data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to access the right data, at the right time, for ease of democratization.​

Scale transformative analytics applications​

Equip data analysts and data citizens with robust self-service analytics tools to expedite innovation with real time insights. Create connected intelligence for all applications to enable better decision-making and transformative impact.​

Where To Begin?

Here’s our approach to a successful implementation of Microsoft Fabric.

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Assessment & Planning

Oakwood’s Data Team will begin by conducting a thorough assessment of your existing data infrastructure, data sources, and business requirements. We’ll work closely with your organization’s stakeholders to understand your goals and objectives.

Design & Architecture

Once the strategy is in place, Oakwood will then design the architecture for Microsoft Fabric that aligns with the your organization’s needs. This includes defining data pipelines, data transformation processes, data storage solutions, and data integration points.

Implementation & Development

Oakwood will then work to setup and configure Microsoft Fabric. This involves creating data pipelines, defining data flows, and integrating with various data sources and destinations. We can also develop custom data transformation scripts or activities using technologies like Azure Data Factory Data Flow, Azure Functions, or Azure Logic Apps to meet your specific business requirements.

Monitoring & Optimization

Post-implementation, Oakwood can provide ongoing support and monitoring services – if needed. This includes setting up monitoring and alerting mechanisms to detect and address any issues in real-time. This allows us to continuously optimize data pipelines and processes to ensure efficient data movement and processing.

Interested in learning more about what Microsoft Fabric can do for you and your organization’s data? Contact the data experts at Oakwood today.