The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program enables partners (like Oakwood) to directly work with and manage your Microsoft resources. We can directly provision, manage and support your Microsoft subscriptions giving you the flexibility and scalability your enterprise needs. Oakwood is Tier 1 CSP Partner, meaning that we work directly with Microsoft and not through a CSP distributor.

We’ve noticed that many business leaders are hesitant in taking advantage of Microsoft’s CSP program. So often we find that this is due to a lack of education around the topic and not fully realizing the benefits and how it can positively impact their daily IT operations – at no additional cost to them.

With Oakwood as your CSP you can count count on…

  • Licensing ALL of your Microsoft products through Oakwood
  • Local support with escalation paths directly to Microsoft
    • Oakwood will be your single contact for technical assistance and/or billing inquiries.
  • Paying only for what you need and what you use with NO upfront payments
    • Each month you will receive a bill for the O365 licenses you are using and/or the Azure consumption you have used.
  • Controlled cloud spending
    • Let us help manage your Azure spend by monitoring and optimizing usage within your unique environment.
  • Subscription provisioning and management
    • We can offer advice and even provision your subscriptions for you.  You’ll still have the same control and features in these subscriptions.
  • Competitive pricing
    • When compared to web/direct and Enterprise Agreements.

Gain peace of mind when you pair your CSP relationship with Oakwood’s Managed Services.