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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

We’ll help you beat data loss with a robust BCDR solution.

What’s Your Backup Plan?


The cost of downtime is high. Data loss can potentially cripple your business. The likelihood of your business losing data is even greater if your data is spread across multiple geographies, remote workers and devices, SaaS applications and the like.

In order to prepare your business to survive data loss and minimize downtime, you need a solution that will always secure your data and create a backup.

To ensure your business doesn’t miss a beat in the face of a crisis, a BCDR solution can keep your organization running and restore your data in the shortest amount of time possible.


Get the highest level of automatic recovery testing with detailed analytics and reporting. Testing is performed on applications or in the cloud with zero impact or interruption to normal operations or the need for staff involvement.


Customize at a granular level to achieve all recovery time objectives (RTOs), recovery point objectives (RPOs) and any retention or system criticality requirements like advanced networking recovery.


Prove your commitment to data protection and regulatory compliance requirements with robust on-demand reporting, automatic recovery testing and end-to-end encryption.


Remediate backup-related issues that are frequently encountered or can cause a malfunction using intelligent SaaS remediation tools.

Why Do You Need a BCDR Plan?

Don’t let downtime by your downfall.

Human error and hardware failure are the primary causes for data loss.

82% of analyzed breaches over the past year involved a human element.

In 2021, ransomware breaches rose by 13%, a greater rise than we saw over the past five years combined.

62% of system intrusion incidents were caused by supply chain breaches in the past year.

Oakwood’s BCDR Solution

Having a single external source responsible for all elements of business continuity and disaster recovery can provide the resilience your organization needs without stretching your personnel too thin or causing vendor fatigue.

By partnering with Oakwood, your organization can enjoy the benefits of fast, high-quality results even if you have advanced networking requirements.


Monitor & Manage Risk

Monitor devices for vulnerabilities and health status through the agent to gain increased visibility of critical risks that could impact asset uptime or data integrity.


Leverage Automation

Automate backup frequency to fit your custom needs or configure the agent to initiate a backup anytime the devices connect to the internet.


Hassle-Free Recovery

Initiate recovery of lost or corrupted data with a simple internet connection and quickly restore to the employee’s original device or an alternate device with ease.


Minimize Downtime

Quickly resume business functions in the event of a disaster across your technology, data and people.

If you have yet to create a plan of building organizational resilience into your IT operations – let Oakwood help you implement and manage your solution.

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