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Building the foundation to fuel business transformation.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Oakwood’s Team of data experts assist organizations in cleaning, inspecting, modeling, and transforming their business data to improve decision making. We’ll help you find real value by organizing and reporting on the data you collect.

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Data, as the foundation for all analytics and reporting, is one of an organization’s most strategic assets. Advanced analytics and reporting powers the transformation that drives businesses forward and connects them with every other organization and person on the planet. A strong analytics foundation will positively affect the culture of the business, making it more focused and agile while allowing everyone to work from the same data.

Where Oakwood Can Assist

Data Visualization

We can help turn rows and rows of collected data points and turn them into powerful graphical representations that will allow you to more easily make insightful business decisions.

Data Analytics

The Oakwood Team will apply the latest techniques in modeling and analysis to produce razor-sharp insights that will dramatically improve business performance and profitability.

Data Infrastructure

We assist in reducing operational costs associated while increasing employee efficiency by guiding clients towards the proper tools and setup of their data infrastructure.

Data Automation

Save time and money while driving operational efficiency by automating your time-consuming and mundane business tasks. Automation will also nearly eliminate the chance for human error.

Oakwood’s Experience Across Industries


  • Connected field service
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Remote manufacturing operations (monitoring)
  • Inventory planning & optimization
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Factory of the future


  • Smart hospital buildings/equipment
  • Enhanced medical imaging and visualization
  • Predictive maintenance, asset tracking
  • Virtual health. Continuous patient monitoring
  • Improve patient, clinical and operational insights (clinical & cost-based analytics)


  • Deliver differentiated customer experiences (personalization)
  • Improve risk insights and comply with regulatory requirements​
  • Modernize operations against financial crime
  • Optimize data governance
  • Compliance analytics


  • Changing customer preferences
  • Digital and smart stores (building management optimization)
  • Shopper analytics
  • Loss and fraud prevention
  • Personalization
  • Inventory trends
  • Dynamic pricing


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Smart utility carbon accounting
  • Energy usage analysis and optimization
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Grid asset management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Monitor energy assets in real-time


  • Government Transparency
  • Paperless court
  • Connected government
  • Remote tax worker, health and human services
  • Translation services. Citizen engagement
  • Model potential policy outcomes to understand impacts
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Data Reporting Visualization

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If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities or explore how we can assist in your next Data Analytics & Reporting initiatives – please leave our Team a note below.