Hybrid Identity Management: Empowering Users While Protecting Corporate Data

Hybrid Identity Management: Empowering Users While Protecting Corporate Data

Ready to learn about hybrid identity management?  You've been charged with the responsibility of protecting company applications and data while empowering a workforce to be productive from any device, from any location with an internet connection. That's no easy task, especially considering the massive data breaches big corporations have fallen victim to. Plus, you might be busy with just keeping the lights on or you're consumed with delivering on projects. You might not have the time to keep up with all the advancements in technology nor current best practices. And that's understandable.

Keep Users Productive

So, here's a quick general overview of Hybrid Identity and how it can help keep your users productive without making yourself vulnerable. Consumer-based devices are proliferating the corporate world and cloud-based SaaS applications are easy to adopt. This presents a challenge. How can you maintain control of users' application access across internal data centers and cloud platforms? Well, Microsoft has expanded its lineup to include cloud-based identity and access management solutions. This provides you with a powerful set of hybrid identity solutions to maintain a single identity for each user across on-premises and in the cloud.

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Hybrid Identity delivers the ability to:

  • Create and manage a single identity for each user across all your data center-based directories, keeping attributes in sync and providing self-service and SSO for users.
  • Sync user identities between data center-based directories and Azure Active Directory for a single identity across all corporate resources in the data center and cloud.
  • Federate identities to maintain authentication against the data center-based directory.
  • Provide SSO access to hundreds of cloud-based applications
  • Enforce strong authentication to sensitive applications and information with conditional access policies and multi-factor authentication.
  • Keep users productive with self-service password reset and group management for both data center and cloud-based directories.
  • Provide IT with security and monitoring reports to help reduce inappropriate user activity and spot irregularities in user behaviors

Enhance End-user Productivity

Hybrid Identity solutions can enhance end-user productivity with self-service and SSO experiences. This helps users by providing them each with a single identity to use no matter what they access, whether they are working in the office, working remotely, or connecting to a cloud-based SaaS app. This equals happy users.

Additionally, Hybrid Identity solutions, can enable users to work autonomously and focus on the task at hand, reducing support costs and work disruptions. Providing users with a self-service solutions to perform tasks such as resetting their password when they forget it, or creating and managing their own groups for collaboration and access to resources is a big win.

Manage and Control Resource Access

IT needs to balance user productivity with the company's need to protect its information. IT needs to retain control of the company's information – and access to applications and resources- across the corporate data center and into the cloud.

For authentication, Microsoft provides solutions for identity sync and federation to create a single identity for each user. It also provides the ability to enforce additional levels of user validation, including multi-factor authentication, and enables conditional access policies, such as a device registration.

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