Increase Your Efficiency and Reduce Possible Errors with Application Development Solutions

Increase Your Efficiency and Reduce Possible Errors with Application Development Solutions

One application development solution is tricky.  Two can be even more difficult.  These changes require a deep understanding of backend processes and internal technologies.  Oakwood attacks the most difficult application development problems – bringing resolution to organizations that need the support and leadership of qualified 3rd party IT consultants – that's the Oakwood way!

Business Challenge

Oakwood met with the manufacturer and was presented with their problem: the final step of the manufacturing process.  The process involved an operator who had to mark labels to be attached to parts they had manufactured. When each part they produced was complete, a small rubber label laser marked with production details was vulcanized onto each part to identify them and make sure they were used in the right setting. The operator had to physically select a select a warehouse, printer, part number, serial number, associated job file and other vital pieces of data to be marked on the rubber label. The whole process took an estimated 15 to 20 minutes per label, created a need for more operators, and caused the manufacturer to pay these operators overtime to meet normal business demand.

Business Solution

From an application development standpoint, Oakwood saw the immediate problem with how the process worked, and both realized that developing a custom web application specifically for the process of laser marking the labels could drastically decrease the amount of time the operation takes.

“By creating a web application, we could change the process into simply scanning a couple bar codes, loading the marker and hitting print,” Oakwood said.

Application Development Solution Benefits Realized

Partnered with Oakwood Systems, the manufacturing company instantly gained benefits. Oakwood brought their expertise to the problem and delivered an effective solution.

By integrating a laser marker machine with a specifically-designed web application, they were able to streamline the last step of the manufacturing process by making it more automated and efficient. The solution was also able to be accessed and used anywhere, which made the company much more flexible in the future.

“The process is set up in such a way that each individual job file can be configured however the operator wishes and the application will dynamically insert the correct information onto the correct object at the time of printing,” Oakwood said.

After Oakwood’s solution was installed, the time it took to complete laser marking the labels dramatically decreased as well as reduce the risk for possible human error. Once a rubber label is created and vulcanized onto a part, it is extremely difficult to remove the label and create a new one if an error is made. Because of the custom web application, the process will be faster, more efficient, and reduce the risk of money and time misused because of labeling errors.


The application also reduced overall cost of third party software licenses and lessened the need for the company to pay operators overtime to meet demand.

The global heater and sensor manufacturer has gained many new advantages and benefits. With new increases in efficiency and eliminating the risk of errors, the company will continue to flourish and grow.

Technology is ever-changing and new problems will inevitably arise every day. With Oakwood Systems Group, a Microsoft Gold Partner, be confident in how you use your technology and take advantage of it at its fullest potential.

About Oakwood

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