Are you prepared?

COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, is putting remote work through a serious stress test, and at a totally unprecedented scale. Much of the world is stuck in gridlock.

For a great many of us, remote work is our new reality. How do corporate leaders, managers and individual workers make this sudden shift? What can we do to maintain productivity, ease anxiety, and continue to effectively collaborate with both colleagues and external stakeholders? How quickly can we implement current best practices or develop new ones? Finally, could this big transition change the way we do business forever?

Here at Oakwood, we are well-versed in assisting organizations like yours increase remote work flexibility by leveraging the tools available from your Microsoft licenses.

Is my organization ready to support a remote and mobile workforce? 

To help you answer this important question, Oakwood’s certified Microsoft 365 consultants have put together some points of reflection that you should consider when evaluating your current technology environment.

What are your organization’s answers to these questions?

  1. Do employees take their laptops home? Can we provide highly secure access for a remote workforce?
  2. Are we able to properly manage staff’s mobile devices (device management)?
  3. Do appropriate security policies enforce secure login?
  4. Can employees access the data and applications they need to be successful?
  5. If you have processes that REQUIRE a connection to on-premises resources (like new hire onboarding), when is the last time you stress tested your VPN capacity?
  6. Do we have the technology in place to support remote team collaboration? 
  7. Does our IT staff have the skills to support a remote workforce?
  8. Do you use a virtual desktop (VDI) solution, or have you considered a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) rollout to enable remote workers? 

Even if you feel your business is immune to this latest virus outbreak, these should be fundamental issues that are addressed in this day of digital transformation and remote workers. 

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