Power BI Proof of Value (POV)

Let’s take a dive into the value of Power BI

Engagement Scope and Objectives:

Throughout the course of this engagement the Oakwood consultants will, with the assistance of the Client, perform the following POV objectives:

Conduct a high-level review of your data sources and data environment

Review currently deployed reports (reference reports)

Review any current issues with current reports

Document understanding of current state

Briefly document a desired future state report (limited to a operational, snapshot in a day report)

Gain consensus on future state objective

Access current data source for reports based upon above review

Import data and perform appropriate data modeling

Build 1 – 2 low or medium complexity reports (that mirror current reference report)

Create 2 – 3 visualizations for developed reports

Building 1 dashboard view of the developed reports and visualizations

Deploy reports to Power BI service (powerbi.com)

Test and client hand-off of new reporting environment

Working Power BI reporting environment, with 1 – 2 low or medium level complexity reports, and 1 dashboard, deployed to Power BI service.

If this process proves the anticipated value, you can expect this to be a v1 iteration of a multiple phase project, versus a “throw away” POC.

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