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Azure Virtual Desktop: The Flexible VDI Solution for The Hybrid Workplace

When Microsoft launched Azure Virtual Desktop (formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop) towards the end of 2019, nobody could’ve predicted a global pandemic would force millions of workers to leave the office and work from home. Organizations around the world scrambled to migrate important apps and data to the cloud to gain business resilience and agility. And, to support the new remote workforce, many organizations turned to Azure Virtual Desktop to give remote users a secure, easy to manage, productive personal computing experience with Windows 10 from the cloud.

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’re already familiar with Desktop Virtualization platforms. Rather than digging too deep into the broad features and benefits of Microsoft’s AVD product, we’re going to spend our time highlighting specifically how those within the Financial Services, Healthcare and Public Sector industries are re-thinking the way they leverage this technology to service their internal teams and the clients they serve.

Azure Virtual Desktop: Financial Services

Azure Virtual Desktop empowers financial service providers to innovate and diversify the experiences of clients and employees through end-to-end security, rapid modernization, and secure remote access while staying inside industry regulations and effectively managing risk.

Enable Secure Remote Work

Make large scale remote work possible with secure platforms that offer industry standard low latency connection.

  • Access Windows desktops and apps from anywhere on unmanaged devices for employees, traders, and partners.
  • Utilize virtual, high-powered computing desktops with low latency connection to enable high frequency trading and access to key workloads for app developers.

Improve Risk Management

Ensure data security and industry compliance through full configuration and control of your virtual environments.

  • Provide secure and compliant access to corporate data internationally based on regional or user-specific permissions and regulations.
  • Fully control the configuration and location of your virtual machines to maintain compliance across regions with critical industry certifications (PCI, SOX, SOC 1, and SOC 2).

Modernize Payment Infrastructure

Rapidly deploy new product, services, and side-step prohibitive costs to meet evolving customer demands.

  • Migrate legacy data and apps to Azure for increased agility in rolling out new products and services for banking, payments, and trading.
  • Reduce hardware refresh costs and procurement timelines.

Azure Virtual Desktop: Healthcare

Azure Virtual Desktop empowers care providers to deliver improved healthcare outcomes through superior data security, increased patient engagement, enhanced team collaboration, and interconnected data solutions and management.

Enhance Patient Engagement

Elevate offsite patient experiences and improve health outcomes with virtual resources.

  • Bring more help, more frequently to more patients with virtual engagement.
  • Elevate patient bedside experiences and improve health outcomes in physical care scenarios with virtual resources and tools.

Improve Clinical Efficiencies

Use insights gathered from data unified across different locations for analysis and reporting.

  • Provide access to patient data distributed across multiple locations for improved analysis and reporting.
  • Engineers and clinicians can leverage unified data sources to implement automated services and real-time patient monitoring.

Empower Care Teams

Build HIPAA-compliant apps that monitor patient data and allow clinicians to collaborate.

  • Facilitate virtual rounds between care teams to remotely collaborate and coordinate the right care for patients.
  • Increase clinicians’ ability to collaborate on patient care through HIPAA-compliant chats/tools in large healthcare systems.

Protect Health Information

Leverage built-in security solutions to streamline compliance with industry standards.

  • Built-in, end-to-end security measures help defend data against cyberattacks and vulnerabilities.
  • Take the guesswork out of compliance maintenance with built-in policies for GDPR and HIPAA.

Azure Virtual Desktop: Public Sector

Azure Virtual Desktop empowers agencies in the public sector to scale their services to meet citizen demand and empower a remote workforce through superior security solutions, the ability to optimize legacy infrastructure, and flexible infrastructure and deployment.

Enable Secure Remote Work

Allow government employees to securely access key applications and deliver public services remotely.

  • Access Windows desktops and apps from anywhere on unmanaged devices for employees, traders, and partners.
  • Scale performance with support for multiple concurrent desktop sessions.
  • Prevent unauthorized access with conditional access management and multi-factor authentication.

Unify Cybersecurity

Leverage built-in security and access controls to restrict access to sensitive data and applications and defend endpoints against threats.

  • Apply Zero Trust principles to require authorization before accessing agency applications and data via remote desktop.
  • Stay ahead of threats with advanced security tools like multi-factor authentication, conditional access, and device redirection.
  • Streamline compliance with Microsoft offerings for CJIS, FedRAMP High, NIST 800-171, DoD CC SRG IL 2, IL 4, IL 5, and more.

Modernize Legacy Infrastructure

Reduce dependencies on aging datacenters and devices to optimize operating costs and gain the ability to scale quickly.

  • Save on operating costs with cloud-based desktops and reduce the need to invest in physical hardware.
  • Trust in your desktop solution for the long-term with support for cloud-based desktop infrastructure.
  • Streamline the onboarding process for government agencies and their workforces with Microsoft FastTrack for Azure.

For more information and to begin a conversation with one of our Azure Virtual Desktop experts, please leave us a message below.

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